wellbeing is so 2005

Blistex has taken the popular marketing positioning of ‘wellbeing’ & applied it to lip balm. Now you can have ‘renewed’ lips, ‘relaxed’ lips, hell you can even have ‘uplifted’ lips. Presumedly these so-called ‘wellbeing’ benefits are supposed to benefit your whole body; presumably the ‘wellbeing-ness’ travels through your big kissers to the rest of your system..interesting…

Just like “ideas” and “innovation” became the corporate love children of the suit, so too is “wellbeing” the new adoptee of the marketer. Time to get off this train?

1 Comment

  1. You’re right, too much of a good thing just spells danger. What if you use too much of this stuff? Do your ‘super relaxed lips’ hang down around your knees? And what if my lips are uplifted but my body isn’t? Will I be envious of my lips superior state of well-being?
    And does it come with a warning? Say, if I used it elsewhere…

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