eBay is the shortest route to liquidation

It’s not just user profiles & game avatars that are up for sale on eBay, companies are using it as a short route to liquidation too. Techcrunch has noted atleast 6 companies who have used eBay to get out of town and another company ‘Crispads’ is still up for auction at a current asking price of $90,000.

Zookoda, an Australian email marketing and services company, is next up.

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One thought on “eBay is the shortest route to liquidation

  1. I have found something which I feel is better than ebay. Its the new site – My Hire Site (http://www.myhiresite.com.au) – based on the concept of neighborhood hiring. Its similar to ebay, except that things are hired here instead of purchased.

    One can put up anything on hire, and earn a continuous revenue stream as compared to a one time sale. Its really cool…worth checking out…

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