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TV makes a bigger move online

With the launch of MeeVee; TV for me online :: the idea of us watching TV over the Internet instead of through our loungeroom boxes seems less remote a possibility as one might have thought.

Available only in the US at the moment, the site allows you to select from a bunch of station & cable content, together with internet TV and personalise your own TV channels all watchable through a downloaded TV screen widget.

Whilst some will scoff that it will take much more than that to move the computer to the loungeroom, we know that strong and original content in high demand will always drive usage of other viewing apps.

Whilst we all geeked out over Youtube and Current.TV, the winner has to be closer to MeeVee but encompassing the fantastic quality of some of the less mainstream Current.TV material and not forcing us to sift through pages of bad singing and I-wanna-be famous yank videos on Youtube.

Whilst I won’t be moving to America and transporting my mac into the loungeroom just yet, this’ll an interesting one to watch.

Check it out :: MeeVee

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