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Balance Water

While we’re on the subject of innovative beverages from down under I thought I’d post on Balance Water. This water has also been around for a while and comes in a variety of flavours. They have water for travelling, water for kids and water for women. It’s a widely known fact that women need special kinds of water so this product comes at an opportune time really… and quite frankly, who wouldn’t want to drink pure spring water gently infused with 8 herbal essences?

It’s a good looking bottle, nice font and a well-timed value proposition. First we had water that beat tiredness & increased immunity,now we have water that gives us a sense of balance and wellbeing. There’s also water on the market here now that has a magazine on the front of the bottle. Apparently it’s made a smallish splash in the market here (excuse the pun) but one would wonder why we would want to read a magazine the size of a small hankerchief stuck onto a plastic bottle when we could open the luxurious pages of Vanity Fair and relax with a little liquid wellbeing…Doesn’t sound like a media revolution to me….

But the Balance Water is worth a look in.

Check it out here :: Balance Water

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