Innovative Nutrient Water

This is another little ripper product from a small Australian company, it’s called Nutrient Water. Its been on the market for a while now and comes in four flavours I think – Energy, Immunity and two others I can’t remember. It’s taken the Nudie brand voice and personality into a more grown up space which is nice because let’s face it – I think we’re all a bit Nudie-ed out down under.

The copy on this bottle says:
Directions: Mix with individuals displaying symptoms of tiredness, fatigue or severe procrastenation.
Warning: Excessive consumption may result in the demise of alarm clocks, motivational speakers, personal trainers and phrases like “not tonight honey I’m too tired”.
Apply liberally for fast relief from other beverages.

Nice huh?

Check it out here :: Nutrient water


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2 thoughts on “Innovative Nutrient Water

  1. Yeah it’s an old picture I took early last year so it probably is out of date…

  2. Hi! I have also tried this drink and agree and it is GREAT!

    The packaging of it has changed a fair bit through from the picture you have up on it…

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