Geek is back

Remember the guy with glasses in the back row who never quite got it? Who never kicked the football far enough or could scull enough beer fast enough to enter the kingdom of coolness? The guy who nobody wanted to be, that is, until technology became cool and suddenly everyone got online, was talking html, pretending they understood the significance of metaverses and online gaming and suddenly the future’s cool again.

Now we see the rise of fancy marketing phrases like ‘participatory journalism’ and ‘we-media’, every tom, dick and barry has a blog and what’d you know? geek is back.

And it’s not just technology, we’ve got people geeking out over the future of the planet, organic macro wholefoods grown on environmentally sustainable farms, grassroots activism, economically sustainable social justice ventures.The cloud of coolness surrounding apathy has well and truly lifted and now it’s cool to be into something. These days it’s not just “what do you do?”, the million dollar question has become, ‘what are you into?’.

So whether you’re geeking out over greenhouse gas or gluten, stand up and be counted, because life isn’t a spectator sport and geek is well and truly in.


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