A depressing Australian statshot

Boring myself stupid the other day I created this little Australian snapshot of statistics from ABS data cut with a few graff photos…After showing two girlfriends they both pointed out that it was rather depresssing…I see what they mean..nevertheless, there has to be a more interesting way to make demo trend data appealing…


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3 thoughts on “A depressing Australian statshot

  1. You’re right William this IS a completely unbalanced snapshot, hence why it is so depressing! . . It’s just funny that when you consider the big stats that are publicised from the ABS, they often tend to be rather negative and uninspiring…we have a wonderful life, we live in a rich country and have an incredible quality of life. And yes, life is undoubtedly better than it was 100 years ago, no question. But are we happier? After all, happiness is always relative to how you perceive your circumstance isn’t it?

  2. Perhaps more balance could be used with looking at level of unemployment, etc.
    What was life expectency 100 years ago compared with today?
    What diseases no longer ravage the planet, compare to 100 years ago.

    Have a look at the “Earth Status Report 2006” and see what the world looks like compacted to 100 people, and you soon see how fortunate we really are! William MacLean

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