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Mosh by Nokia


MOSH by Nokia has just gone beta, which means it’s now open to users interested in giving the new mobile SNS and media sharing service a try. According to the site, MOSH is “a user-generated content platform designed specifically for use with any mobile device. Create, upload, collect and share applications (like games, software mashups, videos, blogs, music and photos) all from your mobile.”The app has the requisite PC client but is also optimized for handheld users (like those with the Nokia N95) to share their media and messages with others. On MOSH, users will be able to create and upload profiles, applications, games, and other media and share them with other in the MOSH mobile community via SMS or email, through the web or on their Nokia phones. To see what MOSH looks like from your mobile, visit http://mosh.nokia.mobi.

[via LBS Zone :: PSFK]

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