Innovative restaurant marketing

In Surry Hills one guy is reinventing the idea of the evening meal by opening his space for a weekly gathering of friends & strangers. So grab yourself a seat, pass the wine & pitch in because this is neighbourhood dining at it’s very best.

There are thousands of normal restaurants in Sydney.
This is not one of them.

This innovative restaurant is run by a friend of mine locally in Surry Hills. The project is called Table for 20. The idea behind this project is to create a completely new experience in the dining market. Bucking the trend fancy restaurants & one hat wonders, this is family-orientated communal neighbourhood dining at its best. The restaurant is housed at 182 Campbell St in Surry Hills, in a building owned by Hope St, a local Surry Hills charity. 10% of the takings each night go to Hope St to support them in the work that they do with less fortunate people in the Surry Hills area.

The experience plays out as a neighbourhood supper where local people come & pay a modest set fee to dine at the communal tables.
As is Michael Fantuz’s specialty, the food is festive Italian with a twist. Fantuz is a man who clearly loves his food and can constantly be seen
running up and down tables dishing out a vintage olive oil or rare Buffalo Mozzarella or even a plum mustard which we enjoyed on the night we were
there. The food is undoubtedly exceptional, but unlike other restaurants, Fantuz shuns the idea of food reviewers and would instead prefer them to
come & make a contribution to the mission. “I have no need for fancy hats or stars” Fantuz says, “I’ve finally found an opportunity to do what I love and
help out people along the way.”

The $40 – $50 meal includes three courses – a starter, main and dessert. If you’re lucky, you’ll arrive on one of the nights where Michael’s mother has been
commissioned to create her famous homemade Tirimisu. It’s certainly worth the wait!

Anyone who lives in Sydney will agree there’s no shortage of good restaurants but the one thing the 2010 area was really lacking was somewhere low key where you can just come and have a feed, open a bottle of wine, meet a few people and have a laugh. Sometimes people get so caught up in their day-to-day lives that they just stick to their immediate groups because that they have time for. Social isolation or social poverty is a symptom of the times we live in.

So Table for 20 is a weekly gathering of friends and strangers, locals in your hood. It also throws open the doors for a few of the Hope Street guys who would not normally have the opportunity for a night out at a restaurant. It gives them a chance to interact with other locals from the neighbourhood, and feel part of the wider community. It’s nice to see an innovative self sustaining social ventures rather than just a new brand of salty snacks isn’t it…

Check out the blog & join us for dinner ::


  1. @Ryan, thanks for the comments. You might be interested to know that it’s working and working incredibly well. It’s booked out every week up until the end of this year which is virtually unheard of for a restaurant in Sydney (apart from Tetsuya’s) and people keep commenting on what a refreshing change it is. I agree that many go out to have a private meal by themselves but this is not the sort of restaurant that you go to for this. This is about breaking bread with your neighbours and getting involved with the community and people seem to love it. Are you based in Sydney? You should come and check it out sometime…

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