How do you stay fresh?

I always say ‘good input guarantees good output’ and when it comes to innovation and creativity, I believe that to be true. Some people I know deliberately read a magazine from another industry regularly (fishing or knitting or pregnancy or handyman), others pick a new CD every month and force themselves to find something interesting or positive or appealing in things they wouldn’t normally listen to.

Me personally, I’m addicted to the Internet, so whenever I get online, I always give myself time to follow my nose. I might be researching for a project or looking for some trends info or demographic data for an innovation project but…if I come across a  cracker of a site or blog link, even if its unrelated to what I’m doing, I let myself wander… sometimes I end up on a weird nerdy forum or a fancy pants discussion group, it’s usually how I stumble across fantastic research on the web, it’s how I ended up trying out Second Life a few years ago before every Tom, Dick and Barry was buying real estate and talking Linden speak.

So my question is….what do you do to keep yourself fresh? If good input (and varied input) guarantees good ouput, what are you putting in? What do you do to keep yourself thinking differently?


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One thought on “How do you stay fresh?

  1. I always do something different each month, I go to a speech I wouldn’t normally go to or I attend a seminar on a different part of our business…it’s always good to be thinking outside your job I reckon

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