what’s your digital footprint?

bloggermania is here. in fact, you know it’s here because every tom, dick and barry has a blog, according to technorati there’s a new blog being created every second or was that every half second…and then there’s twittermania. for those of you who haven’t succombed to twitter, it combines IM-ing, social networking & mobile technology. twitter members can send short messages to their twitter network about what they’re doing or where they’re at…exciting isn’t it? now you can keep up with what your mates are doing every second of every  day.

whilst twitter seems a little well..time filling & stalker-ish,  think about it in the wider context of communicating online…the average geekhead has videos on youtube, photos on flickr, a blog on blogger, wordpress or typepad, maybe even a moblog, possibly a twitter network, del.ic.ious tags, they’re digg.ing and probably posting palava at myspace. which begs the question….

if a person exists in the world without a digital footprint, do they really exist and how would we know?


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