Waiting for the innovation muse?

“It strikes me as interesting that when businesses want to see more innovation, they talk about creativity. They hold workshops on how to be creative. But when you talk to most creative people — like artists, inventors, and yes, bloggers — they don’t talk about creativity, they talk about process. Maybe our processes and practices are the primary drivers of real creative endeavors. It’s like the zen buddhist said, “Stop searching for God and just sit!”

An interesting thought, taken from here


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2 thoughts on “Waiting for the innovation muse?

  1. I bet if you asked a lot of “creative” type people, you’d find a series of behaviours and even process that keeps them fresh, springy and full of new ideas and new perspectives. I do agree that you can’t always answer a brief or come up with a new product idea as a result of process – there is an element of magic in connecting the dots sometimes, but there is a damn lot you can do to put yourself in the best position to let that magic happen.

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