My first Nike kiss

I met nikeid.jpgup with a mate of mine from the UK recently and we were talking sneakers. I myself am not a major sneakerhead but am quite a fan of Nike kicks. Having both designed our own shoes at NikeID, we were lamenting the first pair of shoes we’d each designed and how embarassed we were when they arrived in the post. After much laughter we agreed that designing your first pair of sneakers is not unlike your first kiss. . there is much anticipation and excitement in the lead up but the end result is . . disappointingly lame. Perhaps the excitement is overwhelming and delivers an expectation that the experience cannot possibly beat. Perhaps it’s lack of experience or confidence that ruins it, either way it was comforting to know that I was not the only one which had mourned that missed opportunity to create something spectacular.

And just like the first kiss, now that it’s over with I’m itching to get back into an ID lab and get my hands on another pair. Having spent considerable time thinking the experience over and looking at what makes a really good sneaker design, I’ m sure that the next time the opportunity presents itself, I shall refrain from jamming my name down the tongue of an unsuspecting sneaker and instead take my time and go slow.

Now if only Nike would bring their ID lab to Australia . . .


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One thought on “My first Nike kiss

  1. A mate of mine designed their own Nike Kicks at the Nike Free launch in Sydney a few years ago and they were horrible so I reckon you’re right…be good to work with a sneaker designer though…or if Nike got a sneaker painter to customise kicks

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