Another interesting snippet from Google’s Insights manager


In an earlier post I profiled Lynette Webb, the Insights Manager at Google who created a Flickr site called “Interesting Snippets”.

She calls it “my personal dumping ground for various cool quotes, the odd stat, as slides to talk around when describing how things are changing online and in media & communications generally” and it’s jammed with a bunch of great stimulus about the way technology is changing the world in which we live. It’s a Flickr collection online but she’s also published her slides in a book which you can buy on Lulu.

This is a new slide she just posted which I thought was worth a look. Whether you’re in advertising or not, companies are going to need to find new ways to communicate with people. Innovative communication tends to focus around a ‘better digital strategy’ or a new content format or a sexier podcast, when will we start finding new ways to have conversations & relationships with people?

Check it out, it’s a must see Interesting Snippets 


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