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Advertising Age’s Top Bloggers

I’ve just been reading Laurel Papworth’s post on Advertising Age’s top Media and Marketing blogs listing – Ad Age ranks Laurel’s blog at 156 and if you haven’t checked it out I recommend you do so, it’s worth a peep. I see that Innovation Feeder has scored a mention as one of the blogs Advertising Age is monitoring for their Top 150 list which is amazing because I also blog rather erratically and there must be loads of other Australian blogs which are doing fabulous things under the radar. So if you are one of those bloggers, get onto the Advertising Age site and submit your blog.

Advertising Age are currently monitoring a bunch of blogs, here Laurel has dug out the Australian entrants for us: [thanks Laurel]

10. ProBlogger (uber blogger Darren Rowse)
66. Bannerblog (Ashley Ringrose, Ashadi Hopper)
123. Young PR (oi! Paull Young is in NY now!)
131. Duncan’s TV Ad Land (Duncan Macleod)
145. Servant of Chaos (probably my favourite Aussie blogger, Gavin Heaton)
156. Social Network Marketing (this blog! Laurel Papworth)
190. Better Communication Results (fellow Adelaidean, Lee Hopkins)
295. Get Shouty (cheers Katie Chatfield!)
343. Media Hunter (Craig Wilson)
347. Corporate Engagement (hi Trevor Cook! )
365. The Marketer (Gordon ‘Dangerous’ Whitehead)
382. Business of Marketing and Branding (David Koopmans)
388. PR Disasters Gerry McCusker
391. PersonalizeMedia (my cutie, Gary Hayes)
465. Adspace Pioneers (Greetings Julian Cole)
474. ineedhits Search Marketing Blog (cute name) (Clay Cook, Rachel Cook)
618. Jax Rant ( Jacqueline Weschler)
623 Shifted Pixels (Nick Holmes a’Court)
638. Ryan’s View (Ryan Peal)
640. The Jason Recliner (Vando, from his armchair)
692. Igloo/Ignite (agency blog)
702. Pigs Don’t Fly (Zac Martin)
731. Increase Web Traffic @ Traffic2MyPage.com
752. Innovation Feeder (Jen Stumbles)
796. Slice Media ( Kylie Lewis)

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