Plugging back in

A gigantic plug socket on Ganton Street, London, part of the Carnaby Street Christmas lights.
A gigantic plug socket on Ganton Street, London, part of the Carnaby Street Christmas lights. Kindly borrowed from Pete Woodhead's Flickr photostream.

I’ve been particularly bad at keeping up my blogging the past 3 months and although I’ve had a very good excuse [we’ve just introduced a small person into the world] I must say that I have missed the interaction. Usually I’m surfing my favourite blogs every few days, leaving comments, having a chat, reflecting on work, blogging myself and there’s a certain energy and inspiration that comes with feeling ‘plugged in’. Especially as I work on my own I really relish the energy I get from others in the blogasphere.

It’s a hard balance because you don’t want to spend all day working and there are times when by the time you’ve finished work the last thing you want to do is keep thinking and writing, I just want to turn my head off. Problem is, if you don’t make time for reflection, for energising the brain and stuffing it with new thoughts, then my fear is that the brain will get lazy and just start rehashing the stuff it already knows because it’s easier and let’s face it, bad habits can be hard to break. Suffice to say that now my little person is approaching 3 months I have resolved to get back into the blog, even if only for 15 minutes a day, to read & to write. It’s like exercise isn’t it? you have to put time aside to do it for yourself even if work and life is busy.

So here goes…


2 thoughts on “Plugging back in

  1. Thanks Gavin…. you’ll be sad to know that most of my blog surfing is now done at the 5am feed . . .not sure what I did with all that time before…;)

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