Where are they now? . . Innovation shops a-go-go

There’s a lot of movement afoot in the innovation marketplace. It seems innovation shops are pushing up like daisies in the spring as more peeps branch out to share the love and start their own innovation goodness. I’m always looking to see what innovation companies are around and so I thought I would offer a small token of nerdus researchus a-la-brady-brunch on what some movers and shakers are doing with their 9-5 lives.

If you know of more new & exciting innovation stations in oz, please let me know and I will list them.

Matt Whale [formerly of ?WhatIf!] now runs a new innovation company called Ologist.

Bianca Slater [formerly of ?WhatIf!] now runs her own innovation company called Raw Innovation.

Daniella Betts [formerly of ?WhatIf!] is running her own innovation company called The Innovation House.

Dr Amantha Imber [formerly of Leo Burnetts] now runs the internationally successful Inventium.

Justin Papps [formerly of STW] is now making innovation goodness at Mettle.

Iain Good [formerly of STW] & Damian Kernahan [formerly of Y&R] are making hay at Proto Partners.


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