Smarty pants of the week

People are always looking for guns for hire so I thought as I come across smarty pants peeps who love participating in ideas workshops I would post them here. The first one up is Kerrie McGovern. Kerrie enjoys windsurfing, water polo and long walks on the beach. Actually, her main interest is food. When she’s not chowing down on Jatz crackers and Coon cubes Kes writes her own cracking foodie and organic australia blogs, researches for programs like Food Safari and comes up with cracker new product ideas in the food space. If you’re running a workshop in Sydney on something mouth-related, drop Kes a line at and get her in on the action. If you ask nicely, she may also wear her Star Trek outfit for you.


A curious design-focused human with an insatiable appetite for learning driven by the endless desire to make things.

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