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Thank you to Mark Drasutis @ Flickr
borrowed from Mark Drasutis @ Flickr

Ladies’ beauty salons are all the same –  they talk about the miracles of some facial treatment or other, offer a variety of backrubs, take care of a bit of hairy leg action & generally try & flog you a bunch of product
with anti-aging properties that don’t work but will somehow help you to retain that special glow. Yawn…

When you take a squiz at teen products on the other hand, you’d think that a 16 year-old’s life consists mainly of acne, smelling good & well…acne.

Oh and everybody’s capturing the essence of pomegranate or some made up patented ingredient but just quietly, we think the beauty industry needs to lighten up…

We’d create a beauty salon just for teenagers because when you’re 15 & you’ve just been dumped via SMS, the best revenge is to show up at the next pashfest looking like the cat’s meow.

We’d offer a range of chick only services like::
* The – I’m so over him – facial
* The – I’m gonna get me some action – make over
* The – omigod it’s my first wax – waxing menu
* The – at least my nails look good – manicure & pedicure

Is there another part of the market your business is not personally servicing? If you put yourself out on a limb & went after one new target – how would you woo them?


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