New scented packaging goodness

method-cleaning-packagingI saw this in the supermarket the other day and I have to admit I was just a little excited. Politically incorrect as it is to say, I must admit that I don’t mind the odd bit of gratuitous packaging. . .

Normally I frequent my local Surry Hills shopping centre which often barely keeps the basics let alone anything too fancy pants. However on the odd occasion when I’m out somewhere a little more exciting like Bondi or Edgecliff, I do like to pop in & peruse the bevy of packaging beauty on the shelves.

Anyway, the point being that I found these little beauties and was quite excited. Who knew cleaning products could look so good?

Love the name, love the clean simple packaging and love that the bathroom wipes are flushable and come pre-scented with eucalyptus goodness. Sure they’re more expensive than your average Pino-clean spray & wipe so I don’t argue that they’re good value for money but gee they look nice.


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