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Motrin makes amends with mums

I was putting together a little movie clip the other day showcasing some of advertising campaigns that well, haven’t exactly gone to plan. One of the ones I came across was Motrin, a US pain killer who created this ad [ see below] and then well . . watch it first . . .

So they ran the ad. Two things happened.

1. It caused a flurry of activity on Twitter amongst angry Motrin moms:

2. Someone responded with another ad on YouTube. Take a look.

Whether you think it’s a big stink over nothing, whether you agree with the Motrin mums or not. I have to say I was impressed with Motrin’s response. Simple. To the point. No bullshit. Game over.

motrin I think what people took great pleasure in with the NAB fiasco what the way they handled the whole thing. People make mistakes, everybody does.

I think the way Motrin handled it was spot on. When you own up to it and make amends, there’s really nothing to gossip about now is there?

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