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Whilst I’m also interesting in Gavin’s post [see below & do read the article at his place] I’m also interested in the cool little tool he attached called Zemanta which enables people to post some of your own copywriting brilliance on their site, reference it to you and direct people back.

Unlike others who write lengthy and insightful posts about a variety of topics, much of what I do on my blog is look for interesting tidbits & collate them all in the one space to refer back to while I work. So for me, this tool is pretty damn clever, check it out – Gavin posted below and you’ll see that I introduce the quote, it automatically takes the piece of writing I selected from Gavin’s blog & links it back. What will they think of next…

Now that we’ve all calmed down after the latest social media trial by National Australia Bank, it’s worth reflecting on how a finance brand can engage & connect with people without leaving themselves open to the sharp tongues of the bloggerati…

But what happens when a finance brand escapes into the wild? What happens when a business truly asks for the input of its community? Companion Credit Union decided to find out. The Financial Brand blog has some great coverage of this rebranding campaign here.Servant of Chaos, Nov 2008

You should read the whole article.


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  1. I do like Zemanta but it almost kills my computer when I am writing as it contextually searches the web as I type.

    Will we be seeing you at Friday coffee this year?

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