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A trendy trend report

treportsFor those of you who love a trendy trend report, thecoolhunter is launching their own innovation research reports for USD$500 a year which gives you access to weekly reports to keep you in the know.Chock full of brainy bibs & bobs, this sounds like it’d make some sexy bedtime reading. Although I’m not sure their line about ‘loathing marketing speak’ can be swallowed with much cred given their sell…

The Hunt for Cool . Culture’s newest buzzword. Cool is fast becoming the new frontier . . The Cool Age has begun. Cool has become a concept, denoting a kind of elusive X-factor that makes something exceptional. . Led by the founders of thecoolhunter.net, The Cool Hunter Platinum offers clients, agencies and marketeers an opportunity to de-code the concept of cool, to help successfully usher their product or brand into the Cool Age.
We don’t talk marketing-speak. In fact, we loathe it. None of our team has a background in this area. Hailing instead from the worlds of fashion, book publishing, newspaper journalism, glossy magazines, photography, graphic design, product design and other creative disciplines, The Cool Hunter Platinum team offers a unique view into the world of Cool Culture.

Why does everyone seem to jump on the ‘I-hate-marketingspeak-and-people’ bandwagon as if somehow running with fashion designers and graphic artists who’ll help you ‘de-code cool’ is somehow more credible? I find this odd, don’t you?

Anyway, if you haven’t checked out their site it’s worth a look. It’s jam packed with interesting examples, products and great stimulus.

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