Thinking beyond advertising

A great little preso sent over to me by a Franco I know. Talks to the fact that advertising can only solve a limited number of marketing problems but building marketing into products & services can address a much larger set of problems.

There are loads of ad agencies entering the innovation space and in a bid to be different and feel like they’re doing more than just NPD ideas they are positioning themselves as being able to create product prototypes and actually commercial the innovations they dream up.

Whether or not they are actually pulling this off remains to be seen, after all I imagine it’s a lot harder and more time consuming (and thus inefficient) to be trying to prototype a new food product on your own when you know nothing about food regulations, RDI labeling policy, manufacturing, what affects nutrition levels in the food etc etc.

Surely the best position for ad agencies to take up is to look at how they can build marketing into products? If you’re curious, this preso is worth a look…


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