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A new read scientifically proven to make you more creative

Book“Love may make the world go around but it’s creativity that drives it forward. Unfortunately, creativity is often viewed as something that is elusive and unpredictable, a quality only owned by “creative” types. Psychologists have now demonstrated that we can all be more creative in our thinking. They have rigorously researched the conditions and techniques that allow people to maximise their ability to think creatively about problem solving and the way forward. There is, in fact, a formula – and it isn’t difficult. The Creativity Formula draws on that research to provide 50 simple and scientifically-proven ways to improve their creative thinking ability – instantly. Its easy techniques will lead to more effective problem solving in both work and life and a business that gets ahead and stays ahead by out-thinking and out-innovating its competitors.”

This book is by a local smarty pants just south of the border – Dr Amantha Imber who nows runs Inventium – a clever little innovation company which teaches creative thinking techniques. I’m normally not a big pusher when it comes to reviewing things but this little gem is a fantastic read. It covers the 50 scientifically proven creativity boosters and unlike much innovation consulting [and I can say this because I’ve been there], it’s not hot air fluffery or vague statements it’s a bunch of experiments and behaviours that have been PROVEN. That’s right , proven. Whoever continues to hope that creativity lies in the arms of a few blessed advertising executives or arty types, realign yourselves people. It’s not to say that there isn’t a predisposition in some people where they naturally lean towards sport or music or painting or writing, but this book is an energising and motivating read for those of us who want to keep developing our creative selves.

You can get more info on the book here and you can nosy around more about Amantha here and here [don’t tell me I’m the only one who does that because I know that’s not true]. Whilst it’s not a cover-to-cover style read, I’ve been scanning it over the past few weeks and picking up some great tidbits and workshop ideas. Plus, it’s been endorsed by the big fella Seth Godin which means it must be worth a look in. Enjoy people.

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