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TRAF spray . . Channel 7 Please explain.

Was I the only one watching Grey’s Anatomy last night on Channel Seven? About halfway through the program there was an ad for ‘TRAF Spray’ a fresh air spray by Intestifresh. The advertisement talked about the problems with normal air freshner just covering up odours that are still present [by which stage I’m thinking it’s an ad for Glen 20 which is running a similar theme right now in their advertising], but no, TRAF spray by Intestifresh recommends you get odours at the source – where the woman is shown to hitch up her skirt and spray her butt. The advertisement ended with the tagline “TRAF, it’s FART backwards” or something like that.

I waited for the following super to come up, inevitably advertising The Gruen Transfer or some other comic relief but no, straight back into a few serious ads and then back to Greys. Have I missed something? Is this some Channel Seven buff having a joke? or maybe the ad agency for Glen 20 is attempting a viral that didn’t quite work out? I twitted it and within moments received one back from my mate Speirsy who had also been watching the program, both of us had been privately laughing to ourselves about the ad, we’d Googled it on our phones….no mention, but at least I wasn’t sitting home alone in between watching Izzy Stephens walk into the light, wondering whether I had in fact just made the whole thing up. No…it really did appear, did I miss something people? Is there some Channel Seven joke I don’t know about?

Please explain.

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