TRAF spray . . Channel 7 Please explain.

Was I the only one watching Grey’s Anatomy last night on Channel Seven? About halfway through the program there was an ad for ‘TRAF Spray’ a fresh air spray by Intestifresh. The advertisement talked about the problems with normal air freshner just covering up odours that are still present [by which stage I’m thinking it’s an ad for Glen 20 which is running a similar theme right now in their advertising], but no, TRAF spray by Intestifresh recommends you get odours at the source – where the woman is shown to hitch up her skirt and spray her butt. The advertisement ended with the tagline “TRAF, it’s FART backwards” or something like that.

I waited for the following super to come up, inevitably advertising The Gruen Transfer or some other comic relief but no, straight back into a few serious ads and then back to Greys. Have I missed something? Is this some Channel Seven buff having a joke? or maybe the ad agency for Glen 20 is attempting a viral that didn’t quite work out? I twitted it and within moments received one back from my mate Speirsy who had also been watching the program, both of us had been privately laughing to ourselves about the ad, we’d Googled it on our phones….no mention, but at least I wasn’t sitting home alone in between watching Izzy Stephens walk into the light, wondering whether I had in fact just made the whole thing up. No…it really did appear, did I miss something people? Is there some Channel Seven joke I don’t know about?

Please explain.


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61 thoughts on “TRAF spray . . Channel 7 Please explain.

  1. Yeah I saw this add on a Sunday morning in Melbourne.It was played during one of the footy shows on channel 7 or 9 I cant remember which.I have only seen this once and was waiting all morning for it to come on again.I thought it was a sendup that the TV station was playing and it wasn,t the 1st April.Funny stuff and im left thinking did “that just happen?? I havent come across anyone who saw it that day or since.Can you actually buy this “shit” pardon the pun..I want to prove to my friends that i wasnt on LSD at the time ,and imagined the whole affair.

  2. OMG I remember that and I told my parents and no one believed me! I thought I had dozed off and imagined it.. It was crazy! But sooo funny!

  3. LOL…I saw this too…I was freaked out…when youtubing it, it turns out it was from double take. But it didn’t show on the tv…it made my day…I love the add…I showed my friends and we fell to the floor laughing…thank you double take! XD

  4. i must admit i’ve yet to see it but im hating the thought of it because my nicknames TRAF because my surname is TRAFICANTE, as soon as my friends saw this they were all quick to give me shit for it.. i hope this dies down really quick lol


  6. i just saw the add. i thought it was fantastic, but like you was waiting for an ad like ‘burp tv’ to follow it…but no. if only things were that easy!!!

  7. omg! i saw it to
    i told my friends and they thought i was crazy, what is it?

  8. The one with Tom Cruise, etc. Doesn’t seem to be on the Yahoo7 site anymore. Though someone had uploaded it to youtube;

  9. Woot. Somebody uploaded the Loot review one… sadly it isn’t the minefield one I had seen on TV though.

  10. Can you upload it? I must download it, because I can’t download it from Yahoo7 and it probably won’t be there very long anyway.

  11. its for a new show coming on channel 7 called Do
    Double take. I just saw a spoof for zoot review about landmines and advertisment came on after that

  12. It just happened again! (wed 24th of june) during the ad breaks of Family Guy. :s

  13. I saw it too and I was telling my friends and then I thought or did I dream it and started thinking I was kind of lying, it was truley the bizarrist thing I’ve ever seen.


  15. omg you are so close minded, after the ad there was a snippet saying watch this and more on a new comedy show coming soon

  16. Finally, I am not nuts…. My husband thinks I must have been drinking. But yes I am watching Channel 7 more just to prove I did see it but it hasn’t come back on

  17. OMG i saw it too. i couldn’t believe it. Me and my family just sat there and i literally took a double take just thinking what the heck was going on. Just glad to see i wasn’t going crazy and everyone else saw it. Should be a funny show.

  18. I saw the same thing and thought I was seeing things…..
    Maybe there is a demand for the product

  19. omg yes…..i saw this…..i couldnt stop laughing….is there a chance anyone has a link??
    i really wanna reply it to my friends

  20. Please guys if you taped the Ad…. post it. i think i need to see it again. my in-laws all thins im nuts!

  21. My co-worker and I thought we were going crazy having seen it over a glass of red, what was in that wine? We immediately jumped on google for an explanation, to no avail. When questioning people the next day we were met with disbelief. We’ve not been able to stop giggling there are many we know in need of TRAF by intestifresh. Nice to know now we’re not alone!

  22. Get it right!…

    The commercial ends with the line:
    “Traf: Like a fart in reverse.”

    Just check the video: here.

    can you put the ad on You Tube, I missed it! however my husband is driving me insane I WANT TO SEE IT, he keeps giggling to himself, im laughing because his laughing please help

  24. hey lol i know what u r all on about….hahahha im still laughing about it. can u please put the add on youtube or something, because im telling all these people about it and no one believes me! please can you halp me . hahahahha

  25. Yes I saw it too!!! I thought I was hallucinating when I saw it – I had to ask my husband if I had heard right!! I have started a facebook group dedicated to the commercial to see how many other people have seen it too…. All I can say OMG!!! How embarassment!

  26. Thank God i found this web site to confirm that the ad was real! My daughter has been accusing me of falling asleep and dreaming the whole thing! cant wait for the show!

  27. OMG that was hilarious, can anyone upload it at all, i have searched everywhere for it and cannot find it, my husband doesn’t understand what i can’t stop laughing everytime i talk about it. maybe record it on your dig camera and load onto you tube would be awesome.

  28. has anyone managed to find a video link, so I can show it to others who dont belive me??

  29. I sore it aswell. There was a logo or something in the corner the whole time aswell as a PG symbol. Dont no if that has anything to do with it. Or maybe suggests it is from a tv show. =S

  30. Thank goodness I found this discussion! I could not find a single soul who’d seen it, I thought I must have dreamt it!

  31. Yeah. I saw it too. My son and I were speechless fro around 5 second but then burst out laughing. If you watched closely, just after the ad was a red and whie full screen shot reading “DOUBLE TAKE” with channel 7 logo. Yolande mentioned that too. Can’t wait to see the actual show.

  32. It was a clever ad tactic on channel 7 for a new sketch show called ‘Double Take’ airing soon. It is not a real product and can not be bought in shops. Looks like the ad has worked…definately got peoples attention.

  33. I saw the add also it was quite hilarious but I’m confused as to why it was shown.

  34. yes oh my god!!.. my sister just came over saying the exact same thing word for word..she though she might have been seeing things aswell..we jumped on the net to google it and all we found was this post!can someone please tell us where we can watch this ad again…i’m curious!!…..martina

  35. OMG my fiance and I watched that as well last night. It came on and like you, we thought it was another Glen 20 or similar ad, then when that lady hitched up her skirt and sprayed her behind, that totally startled us and we laughed about it!

    I’ve tried youtubing it, googling it but nothing is coming up so we also think it may be a publicity stunt or something to *wake up* the audience.

    If you know or anyone else out there does if there is such a spray, please advise, i may use it on my fiance hehe

  36. Hahaha…I started to think I had slipped into some dilussional state aswell especially when I started asking the girls at my childrens before school care and people at work if they had seen it. There was nothing I could say or do to prove that I wasn’t some crazed women. They looked at me like I had finally lost the plot.

    Then I had an idea….I jumped onto yahoo7 and logged into there discussion board and low and behold other people were saying WTF?!

    It was cleverly done advertising idea for a new sketch show called ‘Double Take’ that will be airing on channel 7 soon. It has worked wonderfully because everyone is now talking about it and desperately watching 7 to see the ad again or catch a glimps of a new ad.

    Thank you channel 7 for providing me with a belly clenching laugh as I laying there by myself. What a great way to grab peoples attention.

  37. I had taped the Gray’s Anatomy on IQ and watched it after shopping last night. I couldn’t believe what I was watching. I replayed it 5 times to make sure I wasn’t misinterpreting the commercial. I’ve kept it to show friends that I’m not going crazy. This has got to be a commercial that has grabed my attention.
    Penny – Sydney

  38. omg yes i saw that add to i was laughing about for ages but what was it for like serouisly ?

  39. I thought I was crazy! I saw this ad too and could not stop laughing at the randomness in between the usual commercials. I have been trying to search on youtube for this or even the internet itself and so far, your blog is it.
    Be interesting to see the explanation as I half expected it to be some comical skit as part of a new television show.

  40. omg! i searched google today because of that bizarre ad i too saw last night! but there is nothing that satisfies my curiousity! i want TRAF to dedicate a website to this gloriously funny spray so that I may buy it! haha!

  41. OMG, I thought the exact same thing!
    I thought it was a joke, but then they went straight to Grey’s and I was left in a state of shock.
    I am still not sure if this thing is a real product or a joke.
    Seriously, would you buy that in a supermarket?? It would have to be delivered to you via courier in an unmarked brown paper bag!

  42. i saw the add aswell and the worst part is i live in a town called TRAF! i really dont know what the go is with that add but i would really like to know!

  43. My wife and I also saw the ad. Once it was finished we both looked at each other and said “what was that all about?”

    It was very strange!

  44. You aren’t alone ( on the traf commercial anyway, watching greys anatomy is another matter). It has been on channel 7 a coupl eof times now. I first saw it at about 5:30am on 7 during the early news. Funny ad but wtf??

    a few guys here at work have seen it too, all on 7.

  45. Hilarious, in fact one of the funniest things I have seen on Australian TV in ages. Just spent the last 15 mins googling traf to no avail. Please someone tell me… it for real?

  46. I am with you still stunned, Can not stop chuckling to myself , what the dickens are they thinking. Lets hope Izzy pulls through .Laraine

  47. Finally somebody saw it as well. I have been asking everybody and they think i’m going crazy. What was that commercial all about?

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