The TRAF Spray ad done for Channel Seven’s Double Take Comedy Show

Ok so I clearly wasn’t  the only one who was surprised by the TRAF Spray ad which aired during Grey’s Anatomy last Thursday night. Apparently it had a promotional super for Channel Seven’s ‘Double Take’ comedy show at the end of it, if it did, I along with a rather large group of other Grey’s fans, clearly didn’t notice it. So the mystery is solved, it is a promo for a comedy channel. Not that mysterious after all.

For those of you who didn’t see the ad – here it is here. Enjoy.


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6 thoughts on “The TRAF Spray ad done for Channel Seven’s Double Take Comedy Show

  1. my mum had been telling me about this ad that she couldnt believe she’d seen and there was nothing to say it was part of some new comedy show i just watched it hahaha how funny i hope when this show starts they don’t take it off tv i miss all the good shows like full frontal, fastfoward and comedy inc. why do they keep taking these shows off!!

  2. heard spray it up your ??? looked at my boyfriend in disbelief and both cracked up,,, loved it should be more shit like that on tv,,,beats any mcdonalds add ive seen

  3. My brother sent me the web address to watch as i have not seen it on telly before. I had to watch it 3 times as i couldn’t believe my ears. I almost fell of my chair in stitches.

  4. Yeah there are a few people who noticed that but I for one am almost positive that I waited for the super knowing it must be for some kind of comedy channel and honestly don’t remember seeing anything of the kind. Must have been distracted, rather amusing anyway in a spoofy Glen 20 kind of way….

  5. I got that it was for a new comedy show. Thought it was v. funny in a low brow guilty pleasure sort of way. Saw the other one they aired during ‘Thank God Youre Here’ where Kerry Armstrong promotes landmines instead of coke. Thought that was hilarious and well deserved. Maybe show will be good.

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