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Steve Poltz plays the first Lazy Grazing

poltz 2

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Poultzy 3

Lazy GrazingTwo mates of mine are very much into Steve Poltz and yesterday, they brought him to our place for a Lazy Grazing. He played with Gregory Page and the two of them were absolutely fantastic. He’s been touring round Oz for the past few months and apparently always does a couple of house concerts in each city that he visits.  Yesterday was our turn.  He came with his band and joined us for a long boozy lunch and a couple of sets and it turned out to be an absolute cracker event. Thanks to Mads, Poltzy made a cameo appearance just about everywhere. There was plenty of food, even more wine and lots of people united in their love of the Lazy Graze. Poltzy sang an original song for little Archie [pictured] for his first birthday and that was it, the little guy was mesmerised for the rest of the day.  The idea behind Lazy Grazing is basically just to get together with a few peeps and listen to some music. As it turned out, it was quite the event. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Stev Poltz you can check him out here or here.

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