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NPD by crowds . . a quirky idea

quirkyI was just flicking through some  old newsletters from Australian Anthill when I came across this article about Quirky. Quirky is the brainchild of  22 year old Ben Kaufman and it’s a really interesting site worth checking out. So here’s the deal:

Entrepreneurs and other creatives can submit a product idea to the Quirky community. The community picks one product idea every seven days and  then everybody gets busy on that one idea to see whether it could fly. Basically the idea is that you get a whole bunch of creative people involving themselves in the ideas from the very beginning, the product positioning, packaging, naming etc right through to the marketing and selling of the product which happens via the quirky online store. Once the product hits its pre-sales threshold,  the product goes into the production and delivery stage. Thirty cents out of every dollar a quirky product makes goes back to the quirky community, with 12 of these 30 cents going to the person who originally suggested the idea.

An interesting idea, especially for those of you who are itching to get out of your advertising careers and make a million selling widgets all of your own. Stop by and take a look. Check it out here quirky

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