taking food trends to the extreme

And while we’re on the subject of Portland, which by the way if you’ve never traversed that far is an absolutely wonderful city.. It’s progressive, it’s considered, it’s design focused, you can eat well easily, people value organic and it generally feels like an all round healthy approach to life and life style. On that note,if you’re into the whole farm-to-table thing you absolutely need to check out this episode of Portlandia. Portlandia is a series created by local musician Fred Armisen and his partner-in-crime Carrie Brownstein. It’s a hilarious series covering the various aspects of what makes Portland weird. . . [“Keep Portland weird” by the way is a self titled motto bestowed upon Portland by the locals who live there]. We all love a bit of organic produce, we all care about the provenance of our food but this is perhaps taking it a little far . . . It’s genius. Enjoy.

You can check out more about Portlandia here. Better still, check out the real thing.


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  1. Hi Nancy,

    Some info you might find useful or interesting>

    Portland, Oregon, boasts more microbreweries, restaurants, food carts, batch distilleries, mobile startups, and open source user groups per capita than any city in the world. Some call it the most entrepreneurial city, ever. It’s determined to be the most green, friendly, sustainable, bike commutable, soccer loving, and livable town you’ll ever encounter. A few of the things on my Portland list [I didn’t get to everything]

    Portland Incubator Experiment (PIE)
    1227 NW Davis Street | Portland, OR

    Compound Gallery – sneakers / art / toys
    107 NW 5th Avenue
    Portland, Oregon 97209
    Monday – Saturday
    Noon – 6pm

    Tender Loving Empire – record label & cool retail store
    412 SW 10th Ave. Portland, OR 97205 – 503-243-8589 – Open 11-6 daily

    Vintage Clothing Store Bus
    On the corner of Williams and Failing in northeast Portland, OR, a newly-restored double-decker bus gleams in the early afternoon sunlight. People walking to any of the nearby cafes and restaurants take out their iPhones and take pictures as they pass. “I have the greatest job in the world,” said the owner, Erin Sutherland, who restored the bus with the help of a few friends and converted it to a vintage shop, now called Lodekka.

    The Keen Garage – greater sneaker & retail store
    926 NW 13th Avenue, Suite 160
    Portland, OR 97209
    800.509.KEEN (5336) ext. 5050
    Monday – Friday 10am – 7pm (PST)
    Saturday 10am – 6pm (PST)
    Sunday 11am – 5pm (PST)

    Woodblock Chocolate – micro chocolate [you’ve heard of microbrew, this is micro chocolate]
    Handmade, bean-to-bar.
    2616 SE Caruthers St
    Portland, OR 97214

    Can be bought at:
    West End
    414 SW 13th Avenue in Portland
    Between Burnside & Washington, 2 1/2 blocks West of Powell’s Bookstore
    Store hours:
    Monday – Thursday 9 to 8
    Friday – Saturday 9 to 10 Sunday 11 to 6
    Phone: 503-241-0656

    Stumptown Micro Coffee Roasters [local favourite]
    Hours6 am to 9 pm daily
    1026 SW Stark
    Portland, OR 97205
    4525 SE Division St.
    Portland, OR 97206

    Food Innovation Centre
    Food entrepreneurial start up workshops
    Directions to the FIC
    The Food Innovation Center
    1207 NW Naito Parkway, Suite 154
    Portland, OR 97209

    ECONOMIC GARDENING – providing small local businesses with market research, competitive intelligence and strategic consultation to increase the local job base

    Oregon first to allow free return of unused paint
    High Five
    Wednesday, June 30, 2010
    Oregon is poised to become the first state where consumers can return leftover cans of latex or oil-based paint to retailers for recycling and reuse.
    Leftover paint is the most common item brought to household hazardous waste collections and often ends up in landfills instead of being recycled as paint or cement or being burned as fuel.
    But the state’s paint “take-back” program, which starts Thursday, also means higher prices for paint and bookkeeping challenges for retailers. To pay for the program, the state is imposing fees on new paint — as much as $1.60 for a five-gallon can — that retailers will pass on to consumers.
    Still, officials say the innovative program to be rolled out nationally will be good for the environment, and some customers are supportive, as well.
    Read more: Oregon first to allow free return of unused paint – Oregon Business http://www.oregonbusiness.com/high-five/10-high-five/3745-oregon-first-to-allow-free-return-of-unused-paint#ixzz1XJu1eJDS

    Portland food carts – sustainable business model during recession times
    Try one of Talia’s “Whole Bowl” specials, it’s fantastic

    A few other sites to check out >
    Keep Portland weird – http://www.keepportlandweird.com
    Wieden Kennedy [big agency there] also post on events in PDX http://blog.wk.com/
    Laurelhurst Market

    Drinks – Clyde Common 1014 SW Stark St Portland, OR 97205
    Dinner – http://www.laurelhurstmarket.com/
    Dinner – Le Pigeon 738 E Burnside St Portland, OR 97232

    Hope you enjoy it! It’s a cracker of a city.

  2. I will be in Portland in several weeks with my husband and 16 year old son….any suggestions on what to do? Thank you for the recommendations in advance!

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