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stat magic on a friday night

Okay so I’m sitting here on a Friday night researching intranet sales dashboards, sad I know but in another life this is what I do sometimes. Anyway, to break the boredom I’ve stumbled [excuse the self directed pun] across a graphic-heavy stat-magic piece of statistical goodness. Who doesn’t love a stat on a Friday night and on a sales dashboard site no less? Anyway, one to file away and use on a rainy day methinks. Oh and by the way, if you’re looking for examples of sales intranet dashboards, what a whopper I have for you, follow your nose here

And for those of us who just want the headline >

  • 30 billion pieces of content will be shared on Facebook each month (Yes, that’s a lot of dashboard screenshots!)
  • Tumblr will take over as the second most visited social network (I better start tweeting!)
  • Books are the number one item that people intend to buy online in the near future, reaching 44% of all online shopping (I want a Kindle!)
  • 3000 photos will be uploaded to Flickr every minute (now that’s quite a data storage issue!)
  • More than 51% of internet users will suffer from ‘e-anxiety’ if they are unable to check their emails or Facebook page (Excuse me while I check my text messages!)

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