Reclaim your data. Reset the boundaries of acceptable privacy. Thanks Google. That’s a good start.

Okay so apparently I missed Privacy Awareness Week last week but I was interested to read Google’s post on how they’re empowering users with greater privacy controls over the storage and use of their data.

Whether it’s delivering search results in the correct language or recommending the quickest route home, data can make Google products more helpful to you. And you should be able to understand and manage your data—and make privacy choices that are right for you. That’s why easy-to-use privacy features and controls have always been built into our products. We made some privacy related announcements last week that we want to highlight during Privacy Awareness Week when a lot of people and businesses are actively thinking about privacy.

I went onto Google and was amazed at just how much data they have about my life. For someone who doesn’t have much of a social media profile, I’m not on Instagram, not really active much on Facebook – they’ve got every restaurant booking I’ve made through Google, every location from maps including addresses (many of them personal), every search term, family locations, search history, voice data, the works. So whilst it’s great that Google is empowering us with more privacy functionality, holy crap I was astounded at the sheer amount of data these guys have on me.

You can start managing your own Google data flows here. You can see a whole bunch of companies that you may not be familiar with that are owned by Google [or Alphabet] here. While we’re at it, you might want to consider how much data Facebook holds if you’re mooching about on Facebook, Whatsapp or Insta.

And if you’re keen to stop the flow of your personal life data all into one platform you might want to consider using Brave as your Browser or Go Duck Go as your search engine. Just a thought to consider post Privacy week . .


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