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Want to start a movement?

@Derek Sivers shows us how.

Here’s Derek’s transcript if you like to read as well as watch.

The first follower is actually a form of understated leadership in itself. It takes guts to be the first follower. The first follower is what transforms a lone nut into a leader. Here comes the third and now it’s not one lone nut or two. Three is a crowd and the crowd is news.

A movement must be public. It’s important to show the followers, not just the leader. Because you find that new followers, emulate the followers, not the leader. Now, here come two more people, and immediately after, three more people. Now we’ve got momentum. This is the tipping point. Now we’ve got momentum. This is the tipping point.

Now it’s less risky. Those who were sitting on the fence before have no reason not to. They won’t stand out, they won’t be ridiculed. But they will be part of the in-crowd. If they hurry. Over the next minute, all those who prefer to stick with the crowd now rush in because they’d be ridiculed for not joining in.

Thanks Dan Fell for pointing me to him. Top watch and totally new to me.

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