What else?

The truth is, I’m a bad bus driver. I take the tickets at the door and I don’t crash, but I drive too fast and I’m always looking in the other direction.

There’s a good reason why discussion, feedback and reflection leads to better, clearer and more honest thinking. Insight comes from that gap between what we consciously think at a moment in time, the freshness of another frame or push, and the reflections as we steep in a new perspective or a calmer light and just let that sit with us for a while.

I’ve been reflecting on the process when we sprint toward output, grappling with the practice of personal purposeful work and the change it might bring, the impact it might have. . . It’s funny how every time we start . . there’s a tendency to jump in headfirst with a definitive idea of what we think needs to be done, to be ‘output’ . .  and then if we make space . .

We may find ourselves stripped back to the messy, openhearted and unflinchingly honest human position where we’re forced to ask myself . . .

. . . and what else is here?


A curious design-focused human with an insatiable appetite for learning driven by the endless desire to make things.

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