Questions for Purpose.

Ruminating on a great article by Mark Manson that made me stop for a moment and just . . .reflect.

What’s your flavour of shit sandwich? What sucky stuff are you willing to do more than say . . other sucky stuff? Because everybody has to do some of it, some of the time.

What are the cognitive principles behind what you enjoy?

So you like knowing things. Finding things out. You like the ability to indulge your deep curiosity when the reason (or value) is not always apparent. Maybe you like to read too. Biographies, fiction, work books and narratives.

Do you like to write? Serious or fun?

Feeling foolish is part of the path that leads somewhere.

What will you be happy to embarass yourself doing?

How are you going to save the world?

What did you learn that made you better? Or, the biggest mistakes that you made early on, that you corrected


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