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The Whopper Sacrifice

I just found this cheeky little app on Facebook courtesy of Burger King ‘Friendship is strong but the whopper is stronger’. You simply download the application and it asks you to ‘sacrifice’ 10 of your contacts in order to receive a free whopper. You simply select your victims, cancel them from your friends list and […]

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Some gold for the blogroll

Whilst I’m in the sharing mode, check out this stormer of a site. It’s called Creax and it’s basically a hub of creativity & innovation sites. It includes some fantastic links, many of which cover social research, innovation tools, trend sites and science resources. Some of the sites I’d seen before but many were new […]

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What if we kept a record of all the random ideas we have?

Looking for a bit of Friday folly to procrastenate over while I garner the energy for another crack at work this afternoon, I stumbled across a new blog called ‘What If They Did’ – it’s basically a bunch of ‘what if’ ideas, a collection of random thoughts across all categories & platforms. At first I […]

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The Idea Generator

Ever been stuck for an absolute cracker idea in a workshop? had yawny clients looking to you to create yet another salty snack product but this time, one that has been rolled in oats? Looks like you need the idea generator… A brilliant tool where you can adjust the words individually, or just hit the […]

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