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Maria Giudice on changemakers…

A great speech on changemakers here by Maria Giudice. People who can solve problems based on evolving circumstances. Changemakers. People who can see the patterns around them. Identify the problems in any situation. Figure out ways to solve the problems. Organise fluid teams. Lead collective action. Continually adapt as situations change. Designers are change makers. […]

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make a difference with design

On the 10th November Positive Posters announced that Christopher Sousa Ebels from Australia was awarded first place in their 2011 Positive Posters competition. Christopher’s entry, “The Real Carbon Tax”, was chosen by the panel of judges as the winning poster out of over 2,500 entries. Second place was given to Dee Choi from Australia with […]

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Creativity is as important as literacy

Where’s the innovation in our education system? I had a question posed by one of my readers yesterday about innovation in education. She contends that our public schools have become “test factories powered by child labour where there is only one correct answer for each question”. Many parents I know have expressed frustration at our […]

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