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A little ditty for your next innovation workshop…

Another good piece of innovation stimulus from the lovely Lynette Webb,  Insights Manager at Google who created a Flickr site called “Interesting Snippets”. I’ve profiled her before and this is the latest image to her collection. It comes to us with a great quote from Russell Davies’ blog entry about Clay Shirky’s book Here Comes […]

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Take me to your feeder

Whether you work in advertising, marketing, innovation or new product development, one of the most difficult things is having to come up with new ideas & perspectives all the time. There’s often a mad scramble to find innovation examples, social commentary or macro trends when we have pitches on or a presentation due, but the […]

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Beta goes meta: From innovation to trend in a heartbeat

A great post by CNET blogger Tim Leberecht taken from Matter/Anti Matter. Innovation isn’t limited to R & rooms anymore. The Web 2.0 movement–powered by start-ups such as Twitter, Malhalo and even YouTube, has proven that innovation often happens in iterations. Build, launch, tweak, measure, repeat. Digital experiences seem to be ‘always in beta’–learning and […]

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Neighbourhood Dining

In Surry Hills one guy is reinventing the idea of the evening meal by opening his space for a weekly gathering of friends & strangers. So grab yourself a seat, pass the wine & pitch in because this is neighbourhood dining at it’s very best. There are thousands of normal restaurants in Sydney.This is not […]

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An urban renaissance ?

NEW YORK: It’s not so pleasant to live in New York in the hot days of August. The grime on the sidewalk has really begun to reek. The tourist hordes remind you how little room you have to yourself, and then there’s the noise, seemingly amplified by the heat. The New York Post reported last […]

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In this highly mobile & creative age :: is home ownership a sign of a city’s economic success?

The conventional wisdom says homeownership is a growth spur. This was especially the case in the fordist mass production economy, where long-term employment was the rule for many and home-buying prompted purchases of automobiles, appliances and consumer durables. Now, maybe not so much. That is, according to new analysis by Joe Cortright which suggests that […]

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