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In this highly mobile & creative age :: is home ownership a sign of a city’s economic success?

The conventional wisdom says homeownership is a growth spur. This was especially the case in the fordist mass production economy, where long-term employment was the rule for many and home-buying prompted purchases of automobiles, appliances and consumer durables. Now, maybe not so much. That is, according to new analysis by Joe Cortright which suggests that […]

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Australia’s increasing thirst for bottled water

ENVIRONMENTALISTS have pleaded with authorities to help cut waste caused by Australia’s increasing thirst for bottled water. Demand for the product is growing by 10per cent annually, adding to the 118,000 tonnes of plastic drink containers manufactured each year. Latest research by Clean Up Australia shows that just 35per cent of all plastic bottles are […]

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Australia’s housing affordability crisis

The great Aussie dream is dying. Owning a beautiful house with a Jamie Durie-styled garden is an unobtainable fantasy for many young Australians due to the nation’s current housing affordability crisis. With soaring rent and exorbitant housing prices—it’s practically impossible for young people to move out of home let alone even consider buying their first […]

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Lifestyle trends, Macro trends, Oz stats

Oz Green power surges despite the cost

  Wendy Frew August 13, 2007     AUSTRALIANS are sending green power sales surging despite a lack of Federal Government support for renewable energy. Nearly 8 per cent of all Australian households pay more for their electricity to ensure it is environmentally friendly. For the average Australian family, a 100 per cent commitment to […]

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