Second Life

Business innovation in the virtual world

Fascination with Second Life and the other ‘alternate realities’ seems to be continuing. I went to a seminar the other day to listen to a bunch of Aussie businesses who were making their foray into the SL universe. Telstra’s bigpond is undoubtedly the success story from our shores, having created and nurtured a fully functional […]

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A first look at a Second Life

This is a brief summary of Second Life from an innovation report that I wrote a while back in  2006. It covers Second Life as both a game, a genuine alternate reality and a potential business and learning opportunity. Whilst some of the statistics might be a little out of date now ( it was […]

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New graf shots up

Hi folks Just thought I would let you know that I’m just in the middle of putting up a new exhibition of street art photographs I took in Newtown, Sydney Australia. I’ve got some ripper stencils of the cultural terrorist, the usual anti-Govt and anti-war stuff and some beautifully designed stickers. Anyway, the walls are […]

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A first Look at A Second Life

What is Second Life exactly? Second Life is what’s known as a MMORG which stands for Massive Multiple Online Role Playing Game. This basically means that it is an online game to which thousands of users around the world interact in different roles (or characters) simultaneously. It’s also often called a ‘metaverse’ a phrase coined […]

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