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Beta goes meta: From innovation to trend in a heartbeat

A great post by CNET blogger Tim Leberecht taken from Matter/Anti Matter. Innovation isn’t limited to R & rooms anymore. The Web 2.0 movement–powered by start-ups such as Twitter, Malhalo and even YouTube, has proven that innovation often happens in iterations. Build, launch, tweak, measure, repeat. Digital experiences seem to be ‘always in beta’–learning and […]

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What if we kept a record of all the random ideas we have?

Looking for a bit of Friday folly to procrastenate over while I garner the energy for another crack at work this afternoon, I stumbled across a new blog called ‘What If They Did’ – it’s basically a bunch of ‘what if’ ideas, a collection of random thoughts across all categories & platforms. At first I […]

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A new virus

 It wasn’t so long ago that viral marketing was all the rage. It was trendy, irreverent [wasn’t everything irreverent for a while there?] and we even thought consumers could just make it for us. After all, isn’t Generation C all about user generated content? Clients wanted it and agencies delivered it. Then some clients had […]

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ROI = Risk of Inaction

Todd Earwood at the Blog World Expo and posted the top 10 quotes heard on day one. One we love is . . “When you say ROI, do you mean return on investment or risk of inaction.” – Paul Gillin, Paul Gillin Communications Kindly provided by Tomorrow’s Trends

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Interesting Snippets :: The way technology is changing our lives

“Interesting Snippets” is a flickr site for Lynette Webb, the Insights Manager at Google. She calls it “my personal dumping ground for various cool quotes, the odd stat, as slides to talk around when describing how things are changing online and in media & communications generally” and it’s jammed with a bunch of great stimulus […]

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