An alt. reflection.

To re-orientate from “Am I good enough?” Or “do I measure up?” towards a posture of “How and What could I contribute here?”. Practicing this small change created a ripple in my life that extended further than I could see at the time.

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How could we make our Feedback not suck?

We crave feedback to develop & push our learning, but feedback’s hard to give & to get. What new postures could we adopt to change the rules about how we contribute to each other’s work? How could we show up in a way that brings out the best in eachother?

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Lead, Watch

The power of introverts

If we force leaders to conform to our ways of working, if we tell them “This is what leadership looks like” and we don’t allow them to find their own style or way of leading, then it’s our loss. It’s our personal loss. It’s our company’s loss. Our colleagues loss. Our partner’s loss. Our family’s […]

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Models of Impact

THE BUSINESS MODEL DESIGN GAME Models of Impact is a role-playing and ideation game that makes it easy (and fun!) to generate new, sustainable, business models. Our digital download is available on a pay-what-you-want basis, and includes easy-to-understand instructions for gameplay, a glossary of 200+ business models, and a suite of other helpful resources. Model of Impact walks […]

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