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New scented packaging goodness

I saw this in the supermarket the other day and I have to admit I was just a little excited. Politically incorrect as it is to say, I must admit that I don’t mind the odd bit of gratuitous packaging. . . Normally I frequent my local Surry Hills shopping centre which often barely keeps […]

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Pet vitamins..?

We know people love their pets and we also know that the pet industry is closely following the baby industry in its overpriced indulgences. Now we all want to apply the same quality of care to our pets as we would to our family or ourselves. With wellbeing products on the increase it’s no wonder […]

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What mother . . .?

I saw this in a sydney supermarket the other day and had to take a shot. It’s the new Mother drink from Coca Cola which offers the slogan “New..Tastes nothing like the old one!”. Is there a witty marketing-ism or product innovation positioning I’m not getting or is this really as stupid as it sounds?

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Another little ditty…

Gum is always about taste. A nihilist doesn’t believe in anything. Nihilist gum doesn’t believe in flavour. Which begs the question..why chew it? A counter trend can often be the most convincing way to get someone to try a product because for every go-with-the-grain consumer, there’s a million nosy parkers who want to try something […]

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