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Take me to your feeder

Whether you work in advertising, marketing, innovation or new product development, one of the most difficult things is having to come up with new ideas & perspectives all the time. There’s often a mad scramble to find innovation examples, social commentary or macro trends when we have pitches on or a presentation due, but the […]

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Some gold for the blogroll

Whilst I’m in the sharing mode, check out this stormer of a site. It’s called Creax and it’s basically a hub of creativity & innovation sites. It includes some fantastic links, many of which cover social research, innovation tools, trend sites and science resources. Some of the sites I’d seen before but many were new […]

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Beta goes meta: From innovation to trend in a heartbeat

A great post by CNET blogger Tim Leberecht taken from Matter/Anti Matter. Innovation isn’t limited to R & rooms anymore. The Web 2.0 movement–powered by start-ups such as Twitter, Malhalo and even YouTube, has proven that innovation often happens in iterations. Build, launch, tweak, measure, repeat. Digital experiences seem to be ‘always in beta’–learning and […]

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What if we kept a record of all the random ideas we have?

Looking for a bit of Friday folly to procrastenate over while I garner the energy for another crack at work this afternoon, I stumbled across a new blog called ‘What If They Did’ – it’s basically a bunch of ‘what if’ ideas, a collection of random thoughts across all categories & platforms. At first I […]

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Kick starting your innovative brain for the new year

Are you an inventor or an innovator? Whilst I believe that having creative ideas is really important we must remember that they won’t necessarily lead directly to innovation. Innovation counts for a whole lot more than just being creative; it is about bringing an idea to life and making it into a commercial reality, it […]

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Innovative co.

Are innovation companies the new ad agencies?

I’ve been reading a lot of posts recently about whether advertising agencies need to innovate, do they need to get a better handle on digital and interactive media?, do they need to position themselves more innovatively? do they need to innovate in their perspectives on communication and more broadly speaking, marketing? If I could flip […]

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Interesting South :: A conference of interestingness

Last night I went to the first Sydney Interesting South Conference on ‘Interestingness’ organised by Emily Reed of the Open Intelligence Agency. It was put on by a group at Interesting South that meet regularly for coffee in Surry Hills to just chew the fat and geek out together (which in itself is appealing especially […]

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Second Life

Business innovation in the virtual world

Fascination with Second Life and the other ‘alternate realities’ seems to be continuing. I went to a seminar the other day to listen to a bunch of Aussie businesses who were making their foray into the SL universe. Telstra’s bigpond is undoubtedly the success story from our shores, having created and nurtured a fully functional […]

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