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P&G’s social media hack

It seems that the peeps at P&G realised that this whole ‘social media’ thing was something they needed to get their heads across. What better way to do it than invite 40 of the best geeks from the Valley and stage a 4 hour social-media hack-a-thon exercise for charity. 40 executives from the Valley were […]

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The Whopper Sacrifice

I just found this cheeky little app on Facebook courtesy of Burger King ‘Friendship is strong but the whopper is stronger’. You simply download the application and it asks you to ‘sacrifice’ 10 of your contacts in order to receive a free whopper. You simply select your victims, cancel them from your friends list and […]

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Motrin makes amends with mums

I was putting together a little movie clip the other day showcasing some of advertising campaigns that well, haven’t exactly gone to plan. One of the ones I came across was Motrin, a US pain killer who created this ad [ see below] and then well . . watch it first . . . So […]

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Getting peeps to your posts…

A great post from Darren over at Problogger about getting more traffic to your blog that I thought I’d share with you. It’s a great post and good food for thought. When you think about it, it’s how we think about communication in general [or should do]. Who are we talking to? What interests them? […]

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